Voyagers Without Trace

Stumbling across a remote historic marker launches filmmaker Ian McCluskey on a quest to retrace the journey of three French adventures who came to the American West in 1938 with kayaks, cameras, and beer.

What led an explorer, his new bride, and his best friend halfway around the world on the eve of World War II? What secrets do flooded canyons and a weathered journal still hold?

Ian traces the trio’s wake back to Europe, uncovering unexpected connections to the French Resistance, the advent of the French Riviera, and the possibilities that free-spirited risk-taking offers to all.



$20 Voyagers DVD


$25 Voyagers Blu-ray


Blu-Rays are burned in-house. Voyagers Blu-Ray discs are white and will appear out of the shrink wrap when they arrive as they are individually burned and packaged by hand.

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Voyagers River Flask

Enjoy your very own river flask, like the one the modern trio took with them down the Colorado. A fun game to play with your flask, is to take a sip every time the voyagers do!


$25 Voyagers River Flask







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Voyagers Theatrical Poster

We are very proud of our theatrical poster created for us by graphic designer, Pace Taylor. This 17 X 40″ poster makes a great addition to any film lover’s collection or home theatre.


$40 Voyagers 17 X 40″ Theatrical Poster







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Voyagers Handbill


This 11 X 17″ poster is a lovely piece of memorabilia from the film. The newspaper clippings on this poster are taken from both French and American articles about the trio from their 1938 expedition.


$12 Voyagers 11 X 17″ Poster 





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Grand Premiere Poster

Pace Taylor also created this flashy poster for Voyagers‘ Grand Premiere. This limited-edition poster is the perfect way to remember the night Voyagers was introduced to the world at Portland’s Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.


$12 Grand Premiere 11 X 17″ Poster 




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