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Voyagers Without Trace


This story represents the past and the future coming together. It represents the past in that they were on a long expedition, going all the way down the river, and the future in the gear and reasons for their journey.”


–Roy Webb, archivist, author, and river runner

You literally cannot have this trip today. You can get snippets of their experience in some sections of the canyons, but the river today is a place fundamentally transformed—in the dams, the political management, the environmental conditions, such as silt and driftwood, and even the species of fish in the river today. There will never be another 1938.”


–Dr. Daniel McCool, Director of the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program at the University of Utah

Being rolled, beaten, smashed and ground, without being able to react, of being held underwater, unable to breathe…when you finally do emerge, it’s just in time to see an enormous wave break over your head and immerse you once again…when it’s finally over your breath is gone, your arms and legs battered and your head empty…”


–Antonie DeSeynes, on Cataract Canyon, 1938

The expedition of the French Trio is the bridge between the 19th Century pioneer West and the Modern 20th Century West.”


-Ken Verdoia, Emmy award-winning Director of Production and University of Utah Professor

For the stone from the top for geologists,

the knowledge of the limits of endurance for the doctors,

but above all for the spirit of adventure to keep alive the soul of man.”


-George Mallory, 1923

This is one of the great, little-know gems of Utah river history”


-James Aton, Professor and Author of “The River Knows Everything: Desolation and the Green”

I’m sure I am not alone in being excited at the prospect of seeing for myself what this peculiar set of French adventurers saw before the dams, before the powerplants, before the cities, before the West through which the Colorado flows was so thoroughly transformed.”

-Barbara Brower, Professor and Author

Through this story we can transport viewers to some of the most the wild and scenic areas in America, and share the grandeur, excitement, and appreciation of the American West and this pivotal moment in our shared American story.”


-Ed Jahn, Producer, Oregon Field Guide

Thanks so much for the movie. I loved it. I thought it was a great story, informative and spoke to my love for adventure, especially river adventures. The shots and scenery were beautiful too. 

Excellent! This film had it all for me.  I felt the excitement of a first timer watching this film. You really captured the timelessness of adventure.  I’m inspired to apply for a permit for the Green and or the Yampa now. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on a multi-day river trip. Thank you so much for putting this film together!

I saw your film at the Dairy Center in Boulder and loved it. I’m just back from a 21-day rafting trip on the Colorado from Lee’s Ferry to Diamond Creek and bought 4 copies to send to people on our trip. It’s so great to see the footage from 1938.  You made a wonderful film!!